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03-12-00, 12:47 AM
I have a pretty decent computer...
p2 400 mhz, 128mb ram, sb live, 16mb video card, 4x dvd

I was thinking of buying a new case, a p3 550e chip and another 128mb ram, 40gb hdd, sb live and a ge force card and use the current computers dvd drive on it and then put my old computers cd rom drive on this computer.

Do you think the speed upgrade is worth it now or should I wait another 3-4 months? http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/confused.gif

03-12-00, 01:54 AM
the grass is always gonna be greener in '3-4 months' http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

03-12-00, 10:35 AM
Man, why do you wanna upgrade now? You're only pumping up another 150Mhz!! I would wait a few more months, and get a 800Mhz Athalon (or P3), or even maybe a gigahertz if ya got the $$$. I would wait, and 400mhz is still decent, it can all games smoothly I'm assuming....

03-12-00, 06:57 PM
Athlon... U'd think ppl would know how to spell it by now http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/wink.gif

03-13-00, 04:46 AM
Your $$$ would be well spent getting a quality 19" monitor

03-13-00, 06:50 AM
19" Monitor? Why not just go out and buy a good decent 23" Flat Panel? http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/biggrin.gif Always go straight to the top or you'll be whining about things in a couple months ...

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03-13-00, 10:14 AM
You made of money, or what?? http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif A top quality 19" monitor is around $700 up here in Canada. Flat panel 17" run upwards of $1500. And to me, they look like crap...

03-22-00, 10:16 AM
If your computer is still in the "Decent" mode you should NOT upgrade yet...the money you'll spend to get 200Mhz now will buy you 500 in a few months.. Use that 400 and squeeze ever last ounce of performance out of it until you just can't stadn it anymore...then be SURE that you actually have something that you NEED to have more cycles for...then shop around and get it.

Many moons ago I bought a Dell 133Mhz...it was the cats ass..cutting edge...it had it all..32 Megs of RAM, a 4X CD ROM...1.6 Gig HDD>..man this thing was a SMOKER!! <G> I paid a little under 2,800 bucks for this system...6 months later I could have gotten twice the horsepower for HALF the money...

Be smart..wait as long as you can...

03-22-00, 07:58 PM
But newer cheaper stuff is ALWAYS gonna keep coming out, it's always gonna be moving forward, newer faster stuff every month!

I say plump down the moneys and spend the most you can now on the fastest stuff, at least it will last longer

I'd say right now go fer a Cu-Mine 600 they can be overclocked to 800 or more!

128MB of ram is still fine, I'd say that will work fine for now unless your a power user like me ;-)

And definatlly get a good vid card, that will make all the difference, right now GeForce is pretty good, though the Voodoo5 will be awesome with it's FSAA and pure speed

03-22-00, 08:50 PM
Pick a budget and pick a time frame.

What you have now was top of the line about 18 monthes ago. Bet it cost a lot then! The 550e chip as the folks of this site I am sure are aware is Intel's most easily overclocked chip. Speeds over 800MHz are not unheard of.

I have the GeForce board and I love it.

I have a question. What do you want your machine to do? If you are pretty much a game player, a graphic accelerator upgrade (GeForce or one of new Voodoos) maybe all you need. A faster processor will do only so much in terms of the new games or net speed (Fixxer had a neat chart with Quake 3 demos and processors... little difference). If you are working on projects which are processor intensive (like video editing, 3d graphics, sound production etc), then there is never enough speed!!

I am waiting a few monthes for the GHz processors to come down to a reasonable level. It just doesn't make sense to p*ss money away to have the absolute cutting edge right now, Until then I will enjoy my 400MHz PII with a GeForce card.... It works great.

well that's my 2.3 yen


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