View Full Version : ID on an Athlon's Die size

03-10-00, 05:25 PM
Any one know how, using the serial or model number on the processor, if it is a .25 or a .18 micron die?

I just got a Athlon 700 and was wondering about the die size.


03-10-00, 11:21 PM
i'd think it was .18 micron.. almost positive it is bud.

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03-11-00, 06:52 PM
Look on the side of the cpu facing you when it is plugged into the slot. You will see numbers on it like this.
AMD K770000m TR1B A
If you have an A at the end of it then it is a .18micron chip. If you have a C at the end of it then you have a .25 chip.
The next set of numbers tells you the age of your cpu and where it was made.
21 is in USA 23 is in Germany then the next two digits is the year it was made 00.The next two digits tell you the week it was made 04 being week 4.There ya go but you cannot find out cache chips or what the true core is on it unless you rip the case off of it and look.