View Full Version : Win98 Prob, Hardware or software??

03-09-00, 11:04 PM
Hey guys, another prob with win98, i'm workin one day and go to turn off comp, it restarts, did cold boot got the same affect. When i press shutdown it restarts. This is weird enough but then i reformated my windows drive and reinstalled from scratch, did the same thing. What else can i do with this problem??? and don't suggest don't shut your comp off...lol Thanks guys.

03-10-00, 10:13 AM
Did you add anything new to the computer? Have you opened your case to check and make sure everything is connected correctly?

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03-10-00, 11:22 PM
check the bios settings for something about the pwr button or softpwr or somethin like that.


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03-11-00, 06:31 AM
disable Power Management http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

03-14-00, 05:55 PM
There is a critical update for windows 98 se to correct that problem. I had the same problem myself and so has several others that I know of.. go download the update and it should correct the problem