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03-08-00, 10:25 AM
Does domebody know if the speed of SDRAM can be 133 mhz.
I ask this because im going to buy a new computer and i thought that the memory that could get this speed was the new RDRAM but the guy in the shop told me that there is SDRAM a t133. Is it TRUE?


03-08-00, 09:25 PM
In fact, 150MHz memory (6ns) is available. Step Thermodynamics sells the modules...
Very handy for overclocking, N'est ce-pas?


03-08-00, 11:33 PM
yes, there is PC133 SDRAM to run at 133MHz. This is the way to go because it is only a few bucks more than PC100 which is becoming outdated with new processors.

03-09-00, 08:02 PM
800 mhz rambus memory.. mm it's nice but expensive. also 100 and 133 mhz DDR ram is comin out.. cheap alternative to rambus.. does litterally double what sdram does at the same clock speed. as of now it's on the geforce 256 cards..soon to be used in pcs tho

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03-26-00, 06:04 PM
sdram 133 mghz from crucial or micron or corcair is sweet mine is crucial and it will and does handle 150 fsb speeds regularyget some guy and speed away