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03-07-00, 08:53 PM
I have an Acer Aspire. 333Mhz, 64mb ram, 6GB hard drive. My sound card has problems playing sounds. It'll play the sound but it will repeat the last note until i play another sound effect. My sound drivers are about a year old but i can't find new ones. I think I've had the prob since a around the time i bought the computer. I bought it in Nov of 98. I've called tech support they couldn't help, they wanted me to send it in but by the time i was going to send it in my warrenty was up. So then i couldn't send it in w/out paying like $100. what should i do?????

03-08-00, 05:37 AM
what sound card do you have [exact make + model]? considered upgrading to a brand that is popular and actually has current driver support?

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03-08-00, 10:03 PM
What kind of cheap sound card should i get??? Sound Blaster???