View Full Version : Promise33 crawling with new HD trying to install Win

03-05-00, 10:01 PM
Had probs with this PC not finding the registry. Finally got it to format after continuous errors of "recovering allocation units..."during the format but eventually got Win back on, crawling at maybe 10Mhz! the thing was junk, the Processor is a 266Mhz, it took 300 min to install win. So i was told the HD was trashed. Got a brand new one, 8.4 WD. Put it on the controller and the thing formatted fine but right when i started win setup it began crawling and the time remaining went to 400+! Took teh HD off the controller and right into the mobo and it has sped up to what i think is normal. I have repartitioned and formatted it and when i typed setup it went through the scandisk super quick(like normal) So now i have determined it's the controller card. Is the card bad or what. When i first got the "bad" HD in win the controller had no drivers and was in DOS mode filing system until i got the drivers and it sped it up a little. Could the drivers just need to be instaled and i have to suffer through a 400 min win install to get them loaded and fix everything or can i install them in dos or is there something i missed! Please help!