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03-05-00, 12:25 PM
Hi, I got around 17 gigs of HD, and have about 11.3 left. I got Norton System Works (Therefore, I have Norton System Doctor). It usually says I have between 11 320 megabytes to 11 340 megabytes of freespace. Why does the number keep jumping between these two values? Also, If I have Winamp and lots of webpages open, the I lose megabytes in my HD. I'm assuming because it takes of HD to run these programs. I got Norton Anti-Virus, and don't think I got a virus. Replies appreciated, thanks.

03-05-00, 01:22 PM
My first guess at this would be how you have virtual memory configured. Swapfile is a dynamic value, ever changing as you use your computer throughout the day. Cacheing of pages, temp files etc. Try setting virtual memory to twice you ram amount, and see if the info changes then. I don't like Norton products personally, as they seem to be a resource hog at times.

03-05-00, 06:10 PM
Thanks for the info, yeah, Norton System Works 2000 might take up quite a bit of resources, but I don't feel the effect yet, I can still run tons of webpages, Winamp, Napster, ICQ all at the same time, and everything is running smoothly. I'm very impressed with Norton, Especially the Utilities like WinDoctor and Disk Doctor etc.
Anti-Virus is solid too.
By the way, Under Virtual Memory settings, it says "11387 megabytes free"
"Minimum 127"
I have 128megs of SD RAM, P2 450mhz, what should my mimimum be set at for optimal performance. Replies appreciated, thanks http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

03-06-00, 06:24 PM
Heres how I have mine set up;

I have a IBM 18Gig HDD, set in to 9 seperate 2 gig partitions. I set my virtual memory to 256 min, 256 max, in a partition all by itself. Mine is set in the D drive all alone where it wont fragment itself throughout the OS and program files on drive C. Theres a bit more tweaking that a person can do other than this, but I believe in keeping it simple.

But, if you only have one partition,(C) you can still set Virtual memory the same as I have, but leave it on your C drive, ok? If you get some memory error, increase it a couple hundred megs if you have the extra space left to mess with. But set them both min and max the same if you want to, and just try it. Defrag as soon as you reset it. Defrag often helps too.

There are far smarter guys and gals here that might have something to add here too. This way just works great for me with 128 megs of ram.