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03-02-00, 07:38 PM
I'm planning on getting a new computer around July. I planning on getting a slot A style motherboard, 128MB RAM, 20gig, Athlon 800Mhz. I want to get the new voodoo4 or 5 when they come out in May. I've never build my own computer like this before. does anyone have any advice on where to go for the best but affordable or any kind of advice????

03-03-00, 03:07 AM
Suggest you do the research to find out what is compatible with what. I expect the V4/5 to have availability supply problems, and initial buggy drivers.

03-03-00, 08:22 PM
Check out the posts below from when I got my Athlon. You will have some trouble finding the right mobo for you, but you will get it. I agree, that VD will have some kinks to work out with thier new boards http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gifIf you can, I suggest maybe bumping up the ram a bit. I don't know what sort of proggies you will be running, but I too got 128 and I am filled up to 120 now. I think by July the Athlon 1 Ghz might be out.. I THINK.



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03-04-00, 12:03 AM
Thanxs for the advice but i do i know they're compatible b/c they don't always say what works best w/ what??

03-04-00, 09:48 PM
You can find great prices at www.pricewatch.com, (http://www.pricewatch.com,) you can also get a magazine at your neighborhood grocer called Computer Shopper. For compatability issues try www.sysopt.com, (http://www.sysopt.com,) if you have an emergency log off and dial 911.

03-06-00, 10:56 AM
i went through three athlon boards before i got one to work right and it was a gigabyte ga-7ix
as long as your not overclocking it is nice
but if you have not built it yet i would get the epox k7xa athlon board that is based on
via's chipset plus it supports pc133
and agp 4x motherboards based on amd's chipset do not support pc133 or agp 4x

03-06-00, 06:54 PM
you might be able to get a Socket A mobo by then.. not sure when they are suppost to come out.

03-06-00, 09:48 PM
Compaq announced a 1GHz machine (Athlon) in today's New York Times. You get 30GB HD and 128MB RAM for 2500.00

THought I'd mention it....

03-07-00, 06:03 PM
thanxs for all the advice.

Viper how come i can't have Ram at 133Mhz (if thats what u meant)?? i thought i could have up to 200Mhz b/c of the bus speed being 200Mhz w/ the right mobo