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02-26-00, 12:05 PM
Hi, I got an old 12MB Voodoo 2. I wanna upgrade to a new GeForce(Anniliahtor)or Diamond Viper 32, or Ati Rage Fury 32. Basically, I want 32 MB of Video Card. I got a Dell P2, 450mhz. What should I find out if my comp is compatible with the new video cards if I want to upgrade? Plus, when will 64mb 3d cards debut? Replies will be appreciated, thanks.

02-27-00, 12:04 AM
OK Blitz....

I own the GEForce board and I LOVE it. Currently it is the fastest stock board out there at this time. I'll probably catch a little flack from die hard 3dfx fans. I have A/B them in my machine. Then GEFroce was the better performer... Mind you the Voodoo 3500 is a phenomenal card as well!

If your Dell has an AGP slot, you should have no problems... Note that the AGP standard is backward compatible. The AGP 4x capability of the GEForce does not mean it won't work on a slower AGP slot.

As far as newer cards are concerned... Hey, there is one thing that is a constant in this hobby. If you don't like the price or speed, just wait.

02-27-00, 09:12 AM
i don't know that much about graphics cards but i have a voodoo3 2000 on a 333Mhz computer. My graphics card is too fast for my computer it seems like. My card has 16MB and is cheapier, VRAM isn't everything but it does help.

02-28-00, 03:38 AM
I wouldn't go wild and put something like a Geforce DDR in that, maybe an SDR version tho cuz you just don't have the horsepower to put these highend cards to good use. Get yourself a Voodoo 3 3000, 3500, or a SDR Geforce.

Dell is pimpin the 64mb Geforce right now so the only way to get that is to buy a new Dell puter with one in it.