View Full Version : 39 hours to format and install 98, is HD trashed?

02-21-00, 10:25 PM
Am an IS at work, I had this workstation(Gateway 266, ATA33 HD) come up with registry probs that wouldn't fix through regfix. When formating, kept having to recover allocation units. Took 12 hours to format 6 gig! Win 98 would barely load up. Finally got in and the thing just CRAWLS. The first error was that the drivers for the HD controller weren't installed adn the entire thing was in MS_DOS compatibility mode. Scandisk found about 300/1,500,000 bad sectors in the surface scan. The thing is just crawling. It is back in the 32 bit file system now but still crawls. Is the HD trashed or is there something I missed?
Please help

02-21-00, 11:04 PM
Sorry to say, but yeah it sounds like the Hard drive is going out on ya. The only other thing is possibly the ide controler built into the motherboard, but unlikely.

04-01-00, 03:59 AM
did you delete the partions before reformating. start the computer in dos mode, then type fdisk, delete the partions. The same thing happened to me the first time i reformated my drive.

04-02-00, 09:02 PM
Go to the HD makers web site and download their utility for analizing disks. See what it tells you. Also check for warranty info. You may be able to send it back for another one. If you have any questions, you can email me. john@jbsd.net

04-03-00, 03:37 PM
definetly try what Bman suggested. see what their software tells you. most of the utilities that you can download to check drives can also 0 disk the drive and set it back to factory default. might try that also.