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02-19-00, 03:27 PM

I catch this occasionally, and @home told me to run defrag. However I find it odd, that I only get it online. Also, sometimes as I type my cursor briefly disapears.

Also: I had a question about black ice, but I assume that my issue was negated due to the fact IcePower posted a link to an unathorized version of Defender.

PLease help.

02-19-00, 04:11 PM
I had the exact same problem. Although I only really noticed it on IRC, but it had alot to do with my refresh rate of my monitor. It started happening to me when I installed Scitech Display Doctor. Now, I had more of a problem than just that. When I played multiplayer games over the net, my keyboard would lock up and I couldn't exit without shutting down my computer. I formatted, installed windows98 and no more mouse problems.

02-20-00, 03:59 PM
To me, it happens occasionally on certain pages. Or everything starts to freeze for a few seconds, rythmically. I escape from the page, go on.


02-20-00, 04:15 PM
I'd be willing to bet you have a USB network adapter and a USB mouse.

02-20-00, 08:01 PM
I have the same problem. It's only when browsing (not in news on other online connections). I'm running Cox @home version 1.7 with IE5. Just installed the IE5.5 beta and the problem is still there. Networking is via a Linksys 10/100 card and Motorola cabel modem. Mouse is a standard PS/2. This is driving me nuts!! The only other thought that I had is that I'm using Windows 98 SE Internet Connection Sharing. The machine with the freezes is the machine connected to the cable modem. I've tried disabling ICS and the freeses still happen. I haven't tried un-installing it (but may soon).

Mark Truman

02-20-00, 10:19 PM
mosarian: NO USB HERE

I dont know what could be causing it. Its only evident online, and happens only on occasion (maybe twice a week) Sometimes its really horrible, and I think I need to reboot, but as soon as I disco. from @home, everything is fine.

Now I know mouselag in some online games is due to graphics settings. But this is blowing my mind.

For instance: Ill be typing a url, such as


and it will read wwngnds.c


02-21-00, 12:23 AM
I'm willing to bet this is a Hardware problem, not an @home problem.

What kind of video card do you have? And do you have the latest drivers for it?

Since your Video Card handles your mouse and all, and if it's a hardware cursor

oh and I'm moving this thread to the Hardware Forum

02-21-00, 04:07 AM
For those with Linksys NICs, try updating your drivers. Worked for me on 2 machines.


02-21-00, 11:07 PM
I would bet it's your nic card, most likely
it's a linksys 10/100. Seen this before.
I had exact same problem, trashed the linksys
and tried a netgear, NO MORE MOUSE HANGS.
understand now i should have updated drivers,
oh well....

02-22-00, 09:58 PM
Yep, I tracked it down to the Linksys card! This PC was already dual-NIC for ICS so I just switched NICs for the cabel connection and the problem went away. What lead me there though was the discovery that the Linksys card and my video card (Diamond Monster Fusion AGP) were sharing the same interrupt (11) and I thought this might be the cause. I applied the SYSTEM.INI Irq11=4096 patch and the problem improved (although I continued to get freezes on ay access to the Cox @Home main page). Switching to the other NIC cured it completely. I'll try the updated LInksys drivers and see if that fixes the problem as well.

02-22-00, 10:26 PM
I have the same excat problem....been happing right after i got @home..... im using the linksys EtherFast 10/100 LAN...standard ps/2 mouse.... Nvidia TNT 16meg, vid card. Both the network card, and the vid card are on the same IRQ (11). i have the newest drivers, and it still lags. but only when im on some sites. annoying as hell. how do i change IRQ??? i think im just gonna take out my us robitics modem.... will the network card, grab the open IRQ or still stay with 11???

02-23-00, 06:37 AM
I tried to reassign the interrupt for both the video card and the NIC and wansn't able to do it with either. Since I already had a second NIC (NDC) on IRQ9 it was easier to just use that one for the cable connection. At the current price of NICs (I think I paid less than $15 for the NDC) it may be worth replacing the Linksys NIC to solve your problem. I was certainly aggrevated enough to do it had I not found the other solution.

07-18-01, 12:27 AM
I too experienced the same problem. What i found out was the linksys Nic i was using, had to have its own dedicated IRQ. It could not share an IRQ. So all i had to do was change the IRQ.

That wasnt as easy as i thought it would be. No matter what i did it wouldnt take a new IRQ. Eventualy i figured out that my motherboard assigned IRQ's to cards based on the slots that they were inserted into and most of my slots shared an IRQ.

The solution was for me to move my nic to a slot with a dedicated IRQ. I had to read my mobo book to figure out which one it was.

At the same time, i happend to notice my Video card was also sharing an irq, to fix that, i went into my Bios/periphrials and disabled my 2 serial ports.

Anyway, that seemed to work for me, i have not had a problem since. Mine was freezing up for 3 seconds every 5 minutes.

To check what IRQ's are in use for windows98, right click on my computer, select properties, click the device manager tab, then double left click the comptuer icon. There you have it.

Good Luck