View Full Version : Anywone have the full Win2K and ATA/66 drives?

02-20-00, 11:15 PM
I really was hoping they'd fix this for the full release - but the win2K installation does not se any of my drives on the ATA/66 controller (Abit BE6).

I'll probably look around for an answer tomorrow...

Thanks for any info....

02-20-00, 11:20 PM
forgot - I mean the installation does not see the drives, even though Win2K itself will see the drives once installed.

I'm confused because the drives are seen fine in DOS. The ATA/66 controller BIOS translates for DOS fine.

Also - I just learned, http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif that the upgrade version of Win2k does NOT check to see if you have a real version of WINNT4. (like the 98 upgrade disks would physically look at a 95 disk for validation .... Supposedly Academic, Traning and OEM NT4 cd's are not accepted.... but I saw no checking).

Now, I'm going to run some games and compare some frame rates to see how well Win2K full version with the new NVIDIA drives compares to Win98.

02-20-00, 11:26 PM
There are Win2K specific ATA66 drivers available at highpoint-tech.com. They make the ATA66's on Abit's mobos. I'm using them on Win2K on a BE6 myself.

02-21-00, 04:22 PM
Hey guy, here is the way i got win 2k to see my ATA 66 drive using the same BE6 motherboard. I had to switch the hard drive over to the primary IDE port, install win2k, then upgrade the drivers in Device Manager, then hook the hard drive back up to the ATA66 port.