View Full Version : AGP and OpenGL problems in NT

02-16-00, 03:10 PM
this is my system:
p2 350 - 64MB - ATI 8meg xpert agp - ASUS p2b i440BX mobo - 3com ethernet - yadda yadda
WIN98/NT4server dual-boot

my problem:
using a "cpu id" and PowerStrip progs, i found out that i am not using AGP support (1x or 2x) in NT4. i am also VERY CONFUSED about OpenGL drivers, as there is a lot of mixed information out there. i'm pretty sure that OpenGL stuff is not functioning properly on my system. For example, Quake3 Arena works on 98, but not on NT. according the the bulk of information out there, this should not be the case.

can anyone give me straight talk about this subject with respect to MY configuration?

(i tried to force AGP2x support with PowerStrip, but do not notice any improvement. it says that i have Side-Band Addressing disabled. does this mean anything as well?)

tks in advance.