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02-16-00, 12:08 PM
hiya i got this wierd problem on system.
no and again it will autoreboot it self then it will ( not always ) run scandisk ( finds notting )
it also will produce the wierdes VxD error's.
i have a p3-500 on a chaintech ct-6btm motherbord,a v3-3000 agp and 128 ram.
This problem will com on win 95 ( all versions ) win98 ( al versions ).
Wen i look in to my config system the one thing i find is the i have a mem conflict between my v3 and my PCI brits.
I try'd to reset the v3 but the it wont load in my monitor?
If anybody has any idea PLZ e-mail me, i have this problem no for 4 months and im running outta idea's my self.
At the moment im running 95a and the update's for my pci and usb from my M.Bord sepl.
thank u for your time.

02-17-00, 10:26 AM
here is no email but some advice,

you have a PIII and a V3 with a conflict with your PCI devices/ports

first check your bios "automatic reboot on error" must be off.
(to get in the bios press the "del"-key)
following check in the bios if the AGP-port is set right.
i'm quite sure it has nothing to do with your PCI-devices/ports

if this does not work, try a custom setup of the V3 it might be a problem with your chaintech motherboard, i heard more of these problems with that motherboard!

groetjes (like they say in holland)


02-18-00, 08:14 PM
If that doesn't fix things up, random reboots can be caused by one of or a combination of the following:
1) Power supply problem
2) Memory problem
3) Heat issues
* Prob more but thats all thats coming to mind right now