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02-15-00, 08:37 AM
I had 2 computer link together with a mini-hub. Installing a new DSL connection, I connect my main computer directly on the DSL modem and that start to work fine. After I put a second Ether-card on my main computer to link back my 2 computer together through Sygate or Wigate softwae, my main computer, about 30 sec. after Win 95 (osr2) had finish to load, start back automaticaly to boot again without any of my intervention with all the consequence (NDD, etc.). When I take out thet second Ether-card, the computer start back to work fine. I do not understand why this phenomenon I cant have 2 Ether-card on that computer??? Any help on this problem will be very welcome. Many thanks. Louis

02-15-00, 10:53 AM
Yes, you can have 2 or more NICs (Network Interface Cards) on a single computer.

This sounds like a hardware problem to me. Check to see if they are sharing the same IRQ and DMA. That would definitely cause restarts.

Try another NIC of a different brand name. That way there is no confusion on which Nic is which.

once you have it runing upgrade your OS to Windoze98 SE.

02-15-00, 04:35 PM
If the 2 cards are identical make & model then windows may have trouble recognizing which is which. Especially if sharing same irq. Best to have 2 different cards. Also, when configuring like cards, the only way to really see which is which is by manually removing & replacing them.