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02-14-00, 11:37 PM
I'm looking for the ultimate case.
I'll deal with the pwr sup L8r.
4-5 1/4 bays
2-3 1/2 "
6-ez access removable HD bays, any config ok
Pwr Sup area at top rear
Removable mobo tray
Screwless Access Construction
ATX Form

Does it exist? If so, Hook me up!

02-15-00, 03:43 AM
this isn't exact, but I think its awesome.. I just got it last week in fact http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

Inwin Q500N
Special features:
New two piece chassis design (slide in drawer module), will take either Lpx form factor, AT all-in-one or AT standard motherboard, simply by changing the drawer chassis.

Drawer module design for easy motherboard and I/O card mounting, ideal for assembly, upgrade or exchange of component part.

Pad lock security available (pad lock not included).

Detachable 3.5" drive cage for easy installation, upgrade or exchange of hardisk.

Snap on cage for extra fan, no screw required. Can generate better air flow for system (optional extra fan is not included).

Tight chassis and panel design for compliance with FCC regulation.

All plastic components are UL approved.

No rough cut edge for safe assembly.

Special design dome catcher all around inside of top cover for easy removal and assemble of cover.

Configured 11 drive bays (5x5.25", 6x3.5") drive bays for expandability of future upgrade.

1.0 mm sheet metal construction for better stability & durability.

Front panel is screwless easy removable for better installation.


Dimensions: 600 mm * 200 mm * 432 mm (H*W*D) -- 23 5/8" * 7 7/8" * 17 1/16"
Disk space: 5 * 5.25", 1 * 3.5", (internal:5 * 3.5")
Weight: N.W. 12.60 kg (27.60 lb), G.W. 13.60 kg (30.00 lb)
Mainboard: Baby - AT style, ATX FORM FACTOR, Full Size AT sytle.
Security: Padlock Option
Meet CE, FCC Class B

02-17-00, 07:22 PM
Hey Fixxer, I hav'nt seen a Inwin case, in any of the stores I shop, so I'll search the net THX ALOT!

02-17-00, 09:24 PM
the Inwin Q500N is a nice case...just got one myself. very sweet


02-18-00, 03:43 AM

02-18-00, 06:48 PM
Nice pic bug! THX

02-19-00, 07:48 PM
Look at the PC-768A, it's the case I have and love.



02-20-00, 04:06 AM
Hey Miller, your link does not go anywhere. Got any info on that PC-768A case?

02-21-00, 07:07 PM
* Big tower case for Baby AT, full size AT or ATX Compatible
* For SIX 5 1/4" and FOUR 3 1/2" Drive Bays
* 3 LED indicators, Sleep mode, Reset and Power switch
* 1.2mm metal sheet
* Dimension: +16 1/3"(L) x 7 1/2"(W) x 24 1/2"(H)
* 1 PC/Carton: 3.35 cu.ft.
* N.W.: 23 Lbs. G.W.: 26 1/2 Lbs.


02-21-00, 11:24 PM
Sorry about the link.

It's a good case, I looked long for a good one.

Removable Motherboard Tray
3 Fans plus the one in the power supply

The power supply that came with mine blows right down on the CPU, so you might want to see what power supply the offer now. One that blows out in the back is preferable.

I stuck in a I-Storm. in just for extra cooling.


The super micro full size cases,you know the one. The one with all the fans. It sounds like a V-8 when you fire it up, so you gota have a good sound system, or put the case in a case. Lol.
Nice thought SuperMicro, but for us of us that want to use all the fan slots have to wear earplugs.

I got mine from <A HREF="http://www.tccomputers.com
$140.00," TARGET=_blank>http://www.tccomputers.com
$140.00,</A> ouch.

But if you wana spend the money for a good case, then this is the one.

The InWin cases are ok, but a little cramped for my style.

The Ultimate Case
for those big spenders.

Hope this helps, I did a lota research to find the right case.


Darph Bobo
02-21-00, 11:26 PM
I found it...use .com instead of .net.

Never underestimate the power of a Dark Clown!

02-21-00, 11:28 PM
Some day I will learn to link! Lol.

The tccomputers link is messed



02-23-00, 08:16 AM
I recently purchased an Antec KS-188 case.

I'm VERY happy with it. Among other things, it comes with an excellent power supply, and plenty of fan access. The sides slide off, and the MB tray slides out for easy access. The whole thing is just reallyreally well designed, and comes with what may be the single best Athlon Power Supply available. For less than $100.00 Not too shabby!

Power supply review:


Case Reviews:




"Yeah Baby, YEAH!!!"

02-26-00, 01:43 AM
Thanks everyone for all the great info, I'll check all of them out and make a decision. I'll post a reply here for those interested in my choice. L8r