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02-14-00, 09:40 PM
Which one of these drives is the most reliable and would last the longest? The HP 9100i CD-RW or the Creative 8432 CD-RW? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!!!

02-14-00, 10:58 PM
Save your money and buy a SCSI CDR drive. I own a creative and my bro has owned a few different makes, they all fool windows into thinking their SCSI, You'll make less coasters with the real deal. L8r

02-15-00, 03:32 AM
I would have to disagree with ya there, I think IDE drives are just fine.. I own a Hp 8100i and haven't had a buffer underrun or any major problems that wern't my fault in the first place yet. If you want a good all around "I know your going to work if I put you in" drive then get the Hp. They don't support 80min CDR's tho because 80min ones are technically illegal because they don't conform to the red book or something like that.. <---read that somewhere. I'm not sure if that creative one does or not but its not that big of deal as I haven't even seen a 80min cdr in a store yet here, maybe you have them there. I only burn Audio at 2x on mine tho because audio is really finnicky, but maybe on a newer drive its alright.

02-15-00, 12:52 PM
I own and 8100i and a 9100i. The 9100i is new, so I can't give a totally accurate report on it...but is sure is fast. The 8100i I've had for almost two years, and it's still going strong. I have burned several CD's with it, and they all turned out great. It's very important to have good software for burning CD's. The Adaptec software is ok, but isn't the best. It's also important to have all your hardware and software settings correct. If you have another CD drive that you're going to use for copying, put it on it's own IDE channel. That'll help you avoid buffer-underrun.

02-15-00, 05:20 PM
exactly, you should never have a cd-rom on your main IDE channel because it'll just slow down your hdd.. put your regular cd-rom as master on your secondary IDE channel and the cd burner on the slave.

02-15-00, 06:45 PM
I have a Umax Astra 600s and it came with a SCSI II card. I got it in '96 (It's quite old). If i used the SCSI card, would it be any faster than an IDE CD-RW?

02-15-00, 08:23 PM
SCSI and IDE have nothing to do with the speed of the CDRW, its the actual speed of the drive that determines the speed.. if its a 2x then it'll be as fast as a 2x IDE drive. The only thing that would be better about a SCSI drive is that your not using the same channel as your hdd and its less cpu intensive so you've got less of a chance of making a coaster if your using other programs while burning a cd.

02-15-00, 08:26 PM
I think thats right.. hehe.. I haven't used SCSI yet so I'm not so familiar with it, altho I want to get a SCSI card so I can have more then 2 hdd's.

02-15-00, 08:43 PM
So let me get my facts straight. The only advantage of SCSI is there are less chances of creating a coaster and it lets you do other things while it's burning a cd right?

Another question is what is an IDE channel?

I think i'll forget about a SCSI drive. I looked in my comp and the SCSI card (connected to the scanner) doesn't have another set of pins to put another cable for a cd writer (is there supposed to be one or how many?). The only set of pins is connected to this thing on a bracket that connects to the scanner. Is there some sort of cable i could get to connect both my scanner and an internal SCSI CDRW drive? If there isn't a way, i just might end up gettin' an IDE drive.

I saw the HP 9210i (SCSI) for approx $369 CAN. I also saw the HP 9110i (IDE) for $360 CAN. Are these good deals and do you reccomend them for their realibility in the long run?

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02-15-00, 10:47 PM
Ok this just sucks. I checked my SCSI card and it won't work. Guess i'll go for the IDE version which brings me back to my original question. Is HP really reliable 'cause i don't want to buy a new one in 2 years time. My school had one and it broke down, and i have a friend who had one that also broke down in 2 years. If you have one or had experience with one or know someone with and Hp CDRW (any model) could you post your comments? Thanks a lot!!

02-16-00, 01:01 AM
go for the Hp.. like I said I have a 8100i and I got it like the week after it was released to the public, I paid like $530... yes thats $530... ouch.. but it was worth it, I want to buy the one you might buy now.

02-16-00, 09:10 AM
Thanks a lot Fixxer for all your help!! http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/biggrin.gif

02-16-00, 07:48 PM
No problem.. you could always donate your new CDRW to me for helping you.. hehe http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/biggrin.gif

02-22-00, 08:14 PM
Well, I personally oredered the 9100i from buy.com for $236. Can't go wrong with HP.

02-22-00, 10:04 PM
The IDE interface uses the CPU to read/write to the drives. If you try to do much beyond writing a disk, you'll suffer from data underflow errors and a supply of expensive coasters!! This especially a problem with faster burners (8X requires a 1200KB/s flow)

SCSI drives are more expensive and require a interface card (a decent one... NOT the Umax card.... Umax should be shot for the fiascos they caused with some of their SCSI scanners!!). The upside is much better data flow since the drive i/o fairly independant of CPU. MUCH MUCH more stable and fewer errors.
I Recently purchased the Yamaha 8424 and I love it.. I can burn audio at 8x (Use TDK 8x certified!!) and surf news groups without a hitch!!
Suggestion..... Use Ahead's Nero CD Burn. I works on SCSI and IDE and all sorts of CD formats including making BOOTABLE CDs...

That my 2.1 Yen


02-22-00, 10:08 PM

I paid 289.00 for my Yamaha drive..
Figure 80.00 for a 2930 board
Plextor makes a nice SCSI drive as well

02-22-00, 10:40 PM
well, id screw HP, and go with a plextor. but the best thing is what i did. Get an Imation 8x writer...its scsi...comes with a great scsi card...the driver is REALLY a plextor, and its $200. cant beat the price or performance anywhere. i love plextor, cuz it can burn anything, all new playstation games, and all teh new PC games...u know, for like backing up : )

02-23-00, 12:56 AM
Would the Adaptec 2906 SCSI adapter be considered a decent card to work with the HP CDRW 9210i? i'm thinkin' of getting that drive this week from Onvia.com. It's 369.99 Canadian.

BTW thanks for all the great feedback from all of ya!!!! http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/biggrin.gif

02-23-00, 01:10 AM
i think i should also mention i'm looking mostly for reliability. I don't want a $400 paperweight in a year's time. (just like my umax scanner) I want to find something that will last me at least 2 to 3 years if possible.

02-23-00, 10:39 PM
If reliability is key the Plextor is a VERY stable performer. I like my Yamaha, but I have had it only 2 monthes. Who knows the future.

If you do go scsi... Make sure you card can do 20MHz on the 50 pin interface (Ultra SCSI)!! th 2930 and 2940 I know can. Adaptec compatable may be used as well. Important note: The Umax scanners do NOT like to run on fast scsi cards. You may have to keep its card in you system as well..

The HP-9210 I believe does not write audio at 8x... Check to audio rip speed as well

You'll probably be happier with the plextor product (Egghead.com has them) check www.plextor.com (http://www.plextor.com)

03-22-00, 06:35 AM

I've had cdrw's from both companies and I did not have any problems. I currently have the Creative 8432 cdrw and is working great. I have both Adaptec's easy cd creator and Nero to burn cd's and sometimes when things get too complicated with Nero, I use the Adaptec's simpler interface.

03-22-00, 08:07 PM
I've had the HP 8100i for about 6 months now, and really like it. HP is very stable and reliable and very supported which is good.

I use to use Adaptechs software that came with the CDRW but have since gotten Nero, which is the BEST burning software out there.

And if you go EIDE put the CDRW on it's own channel.

I have a BE6-II motherboard so I was able to put my UDMA/66 Hard drive on the HighPoint Primary EIDE channel and put my DVD-ROM on my Primary UDMA/33 channel and my CDRW on my Secondary UDMA/33 channel all Masters. Cause this mobo has 4 Master IDE Channels =) Basically I can hook up 8 EIDE devices if I use all the channels

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