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05-16-09, 04:37 PM
I just put my kenwood kdcmp205 head unit in my 97 mirage ,and now looking for deals on two 51/2 woofers and i think 51/4 commpent system in the front.

if you could suggest some sites brands to pick this stuff up that would be great. I"m on a tight budget though 200 for eerything if possable.

One more question though instead of woofers in the rear would it be better to go with a good pair 3/4/5 way speakers just got with the woofers.

Thanks in adance. :)

05-16-09, 05:48 PM
I haven’t kept up with car audio in a long time, but here goes, Pioneer and Kenwood used to make some good separates at a fair price. I think the Sony Xtreme speakers are nice sounding now too.

As far as the subs go, I’ve never been a fan of those four or five way speakers. Having a dedicated sub will increase your sound quality too. The bigger the amp and bigger the sub, the bigger the boom.

You may have to visit a couple of stores and audition some of the speakers. In the end what sounds good is entirely up to your ear.

05-16-09, 05:54 PM
thanks round eye I admit this car audio thing I"m learning as i go .

With the woofers though not sure if I want to go sub though since I don't want the system to be taken from the cops just something where I could hear all the ronge of sounds and balanced out .

You might be on to something with the amp was trying to do without amp maybe i should look into it.

Thanks so far keep em comming

05-16-09, 06:45 PM
I wouldn’t worry about the cops too much. They usually don’t get involved unless the stereo is crazy loud, at least not here.

I’ve stolen a few of those “Sound Laws Enforced” signs back in the day. :D