View Full Version : That V-Max is one hell of a muscle bike.

05-04-09, 12:30 AM
9.5 in the quarter is screaming for a basically stock bike.


Remember when Jay Gleason rode that 1986 Vmax into the nines for Cycle World? (Yes, some of us do.) Once he did that, lots of guys hustled over to their Yamaha dealers with their checkbooks wide open. Fast forward to 2009 and Tim Nash, over at VmaxGuru.com, went to work on his new Vmax. After everything was ready, he asked Jay if he might like to run it down the strip. Jay thought it sounded like a good idea so the run was arranged.
Tim didnít do any engine rebuilding but opened it up a bit so the engine could breathe by adding a ďUFO Performance Products CatSass exhaust system, a UFO Max Tuner, modified air box (top and YCC-I removed) and a drag slick.Ē He installed the parts then spent some quality time on the dyno. Final tweaks yielded 189.9 hp at the rear wheel. Not bad.
Tim headed over to the Bradenton drag strip and met up with Jay. Jay told him how he likes the suspension set up and he hops on the Vmax and almost before Tim knows it, Jayís lining up for a pass. Tim turns on his camera, Jay flies down the strip and 9.513 seconds later at 143.70 mph, the clock stops. Nothing to it, well, if youíre Jay Gleason, that is.
Knowing there are guys like Jay still riding and still riding fast is very cool. Tim did a great job getting the bike prepped, so, when you put the two together what do you get? You get 9.5 second quarter miles! Owners and aftermarket companies are just getting started with the new Vmax, Timís work and Jayís riding just gave them something to shoot for.
Tim says heís already planning on more work, he wants low nines. Jay says heís ready when the bike is. This should be fun to watch. Thanks, Tim for the heads up.

Link ( http://thekneeslider.com/)

05-04-09, 06:05 AM
I remember back in high school....I used to subscribe to CycleWorld magazine. The Suzuki Katana had my heart, also Yamaha's Seca 750turbo.

And then Honda came out with the V65 Sabre. What a beast.

And then Yamaha comes out with the VMax monster...swatting the V65 aside like a fly.

05-04-09, 09:08 AM
I donít know if you remember or not but I wrenched on bikes at a Honda dealer for years. Those V motors were fun. I also maintained a very good friend of mineís V-Max until recently, it was fun as hell to twist the throttle on. I have much respect for Yamaha products, but my God are their cruisers butt ugly.