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05-01-09, 01:29 PM
Damn I miss my Ducati, wish I’d never sold it, but as the wise and immortal Forrest Gump once said, sh*t happens. The Ducati dealer here in New Orleans just had a major event which unfortunately I missed. Ducati New Orleans ( http://www.ttrno.com/site232.php)


Motorcycle Builders Continue to Evolve and Adapt

Last weekend, a new Ducati dealer opened in New York, Ducati Hudson Valley, the owner, Orange County Choppers. No matter what you think of OCC bikes or the dysfunctional family act they put on for the benefit of the TV cameras, I think it’s a smart move. Custom bikes, especially of the high dollar sort they are famous for, are not moving so well and getting into a dealership for Ducati gets them a foothold in a new market and gives them a whole new opportunity for custom part sales. Again, forget what you think about their theme bikes, they have a state of the art machine shop that can produce almost anything you want, including high quality parts for Ducatis. Don’t let the chair throwing antics on TV fool you, this is good business. Ducati also gets a dealer with financial reserves able to weather a downturn in the economy, looks like a win-win to me.
Add to this, a few weeks ago, I heard about another very famous custom builder that may soon be building bikes for another company equally well known, a very interesting partnership that will surprise quite a few folks but makes very good business sense, and you begin to see the pattern, … partner up. Look outside your usual market, offer your capabilities and strengths to someone else and you both grow, do whatever it takes to make it through the downturn. Both sides benefit, both sides are stronger. Companies that simply contract and cut expenses and hope for a miracle to keep them afloat will sink, companies that get creative will survive and prosper.
I’ve said it before, Don’t let the recession become an excuse! A recession can be an opportunity. The companies noted above are looking for opportunities and forming partnerships. Lots of possibilities are out there, maybe there’s one that would work for you.

Link ( http://thekneeslider.com/archives/2009/04/30/motorcycle-builders-continue-to-evolve-and-adapt/)

02-02-10, 09:45 PM
i have a dream called Ducati 1098R lol some day i will hit the Lottery :o