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05-18-08, 07:43 AM
"sldortu" <sldortu@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message
>I have been struggling for 2 days. I have set up a workgroup. Desktop 1
> hardwired and desktop 2 is wireless. I can see icons for both desktops in
> the workgroup but desktop 1 does not allow me to access desktop 2.
> However
> desktop 2 allows me to open and view desktop 1.
> I have read different threads and have gone through:
> disabled firewall temporarily;no success
> changed restrictanonymous to 0 on both; no success
> went to windows update and downloaded a patch for windows xp server....on
> desktop 2; no success.
> I am assuming that the problem is with desktop 2 since it is an access
> issue?
> --
> Thanks in advance....

Make sure desktop2 has shared folder (or shared drive). Make sure share
permissions (not file permissions but share permissions) are set so everyone
has full control. Then make sure desktop2 file permisions allow for users
from desktop1 to connect (put exact same username and password accounts on
desktop1 and desktop2).