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05-16-08, 01:09 PM
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> My apologies if this is in the wrong section.
> We bought a new computer (Gateway), router, and wireless card (both
> D-Link) for the old computer. I set up the new computer with the
> router, and after a few tries and some phone time with D-Link, it's
> working.
> We set up the old computer (an HP, it has XP, I believe with service
> pack 2, but I don't know how to check that), and I installed the
> wireless card. Went through all the instructions, and everything
> seemed to be fine. I can see the network on the old computer, but I
> cannot get online. I try and connect, I'll be prompted for the
> password, it'll start connecting, but never complete. I called D-Link,
> and they tried to help me, but were unable. The person said I need to
> get a patch for this computer that will allow me to access a wireless
> network using a WPA password. I cannot find where to get this patch
> (and can I download said patch to a disc on the new computer to
> transfer to the old computer).
> Is the patch what I need and if so, where can I get said patch. If
> not, what do I need to do? I'm pretty good at following directions,
> but I'm not very good with computer geek-speak, so please stay simple
> for my sake!

First thing I would probably do in your situation is unhook the new
system from your internet service, hookup the old one to the internet
service and then logon to HP's website or use their update manager if
it's still installed on your old system. After you have downloaded and
installed any updates (ie SP3) disconnect the old system from the net,
rehookup the new and then start troubleshooting from that point if any
errors are still present.

Here's HP's support page:


.........or use the following TinyURL: