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Jack \(MVP-Networking\).
05-15-08, 07:32 PM
First check the device manger and make sure that you have a valid Wireless
Then this might help.
Jack (MVP-Networking).

"Paul" <Paul@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message
> Thank you for the help offered but no success. I moved the laptop into the
> same area as the router and tried but again no go. The network status
> display
> on the laptop shows the signal strength as excellent so that side of it is
> fine. We just cannot access the internet via the router. I then plugged
> the
> laptop directly into the cable running from the router to the desktop and
> still could not get internet access despite the desktop being able to do
> so.
> That must indicate that the laptop itself needs configuring but I cannot
> see
> what needs to be done, especially with its running Vista. Any ideas on
> what
> to do in fairly simple terms would be great!!
> "Paul" wrote:
>> We have a home network consisting of a desktop computer running Win XP
>> linked
>> to a modem via a Linksys Router. In another room we have a laptop
>> (running
>> Windows Vista) which is linked to the internet via the wireless router.
>> The
>> laptop however will not connect to the internet although the connection
>> to
>> the home network appears fine and the internet runs perfectly well on the
>> desktop. I had it briefly going when I first fired up the system this
>> morning
>> but have since lost it again. Any ideas as to what is happening and on
>> how to
>> solve it. Thank You. Paul B.