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05-14-08, 10:09 PM
=?Utf-8?B?UGF1bA==?= <Paul@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in

> We have a home network consisting of a desktop computer running Win XP
> linked to a modem via a Linksys Router. In another room we have a
> laptop (running Windows Vista) which is linked to the internet via the
> wireless router. The laptop however will not connect to the internet
> although the connection to the home network appears fine and the
> internet runs perfectly well on the desktop. I had it briefly going
> when I first fired up the system this morning but have since lost it
> again. Any ideas as to what is happening and on how to solve it. Thank
> You. Paul B.

This suggestion maybe a bit too obvious but have you tried making a
connection with the laptop in the same room as the desktop/router....if
there's a good solid connection present under those circumstances then
probably something is either blocking on interfering with the wireless
signal when you move the laptop to the other room. That's the first thing
I would check out. :-)