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Pavel A.
05-11-08, 01:11 PM
"ReshiR" <ReshiR@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message
> hi,
> i am using Windows XP SP3 (on a macbook via VMware Fusion). I have a treo
> 750W that runs Windows Mobile 6.0. My macbook has bluetooth capability
> but i
> have no idea how to use that to sync my treo with the windows side of my
> machine. I have read a number of posts that suggest that if i go to
> control
> panel or network connections, i should find "Bluetooth Devices" but there
> is
> nothing there. there are also mentions of MS Bluetooth Stack but i have
> no
> idea if i have that already or need to download it and if the latter then
> from where.
> Can someone please help? if you can dumb down the instruction for a lay
> person, that would be terrific.
> thanks so much.

Vmware does not emulate BT or provide access to BT of the host.
If Fusion supports USB, try sync over USB instead.
Maybe you can also install driver for USB BT device inside the Windows VM.