View Full Version : Re: Using Windows XP BT driver rather than built in version

05-07-08, 02:35 PM
On May 7, 7:44*am, nojo901 <nojo...@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote:
> My XP Pro laptop comes with a built-in Broadcom BT device and driver.
> To be able to synch my Blackberry, I need to use the Windows driver instead.
> i have two problems:
> 1) I cannot remove the Broadcom - it is not listed under add/remove software
> and when I try to do it in device manager, only one of the two Broadcom BT
> items listed under BT have a remove option AND when I remove the one that I
> can remove, the Scand For Hardware Changes option automatically reinstalls
> the Broadcom software.
> 2) I cannot find a download for the Windows BT driver.
> Very annoying!

Broadcom BT was originally known as Widcomm.

However, I've seen several laptop delivered with the Broadcom drivers
re-branded (like some HPs.)