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Jack \(MVP-Networking\).
05-07-08, 12:51 PM
It might be that the Sync. starts through a file that loaded at Startup, and
or starts a service.
These two small utilities can help in identifying and getting rid of the
StartUp let you find and control what is loaded at Startup.
Process Explorer shows you all the running Processes and let you kill them
temporarily, so you can see what is affecting the system, it would also
inform you where and what is the source of the process.
Jack (MVP-Networking).

"nojo901" <nojo901@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message
> My XP Pro laptop comes with a built-in Broadcom BT device and driver.
> To be able to synch my Blackberry, I need to use the Windows driver
> instead.
> i have two problems:
> 1) I cannot remove the Broadcom - it is not listed under add/remove
> software
> and when I try to do it in device manager, only one of the two Broadcom BT
> items listed under BT have a remove option AND when I remove the one that
> I
> can remove, the Scand For Hardware Changes option automatically reinstalls
> the Broadcom software.
> 2) I cannot find a download for the Windows BT driver.
> Very annoying!