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04-30-08, 03:49 PM
Try another product. No, seriously. I'm not being sarcastic.

I've used 2 different Belkin products. Neither one leaves a good impression.
The first Belkin WiFi router dies after a few months of use. It wasn't that
easy to work with when it was working. My second WiFi router is branded
Ativa but made by Belkin. It's got the same firmware as Belkin. It's cheap
but I got what I pay for.

Here are my Ativa router symptoms:

- Listening to online radio is never smooth. It's choppy (on and off)
- Watching youtube.com is a challenge because my PCs can never finish
downloading. It's always stuck half way thru.
- File download starts fast for the first 1-2 minutes after which it starts
to slow down considerably before stopping completely
- I use ethernet cable and switch off the WiFi on my laptop. Tested it...
same problems.

So my problem isn't Wireless or PCs. It's a cheap router problem. I removed
Ativa router and replaced it with Linksys WRT54G. No changes were made on my
PCs (1 laptop + 1 desktop). No more problems, wired or wireless connections
are fine now.

Save yourself some time and a headache. Borrow someone else's router
temporarily to do the test.

"Mike" <Mike@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message
>I run XP SP2, wireless connecction via Belkin adapter/extender to Belkin
> router.
> After having problems with the connection, it seems to be sorted after
> repairing Windows and re-installing Belkin software. I also run Norton
> Systemworks
> Now downloads, incl Norton and MS updates, start off fine and then crash
> after quickly decreasing download times.
> I have tried to repair XP, Belkin re-install , and new network
> connections.
> I have tried the Firewall/Anti-virus on/off. I have put in the IP address
> manually as well as auto. I have tried Dial-a-Fix, System Mechanic, and a
> Winsock repair.
> Emails seem to download ok but webpages and updates slow the system to a
> crash. I did manage up update Ad-Aware, which found 3 minor bits, but
> nothing
> serious. The same with Defender tho I was unable to update its
> definitions.
> Oddly, I found that Ad-Aware, Defender and even Wireless Services disabled
> themselves, tho I could put them back to Auto.
> What do I have left to do other that an XP clean re-install? I have wasted
> so much time.
> Thx