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04-28-08, 07:14 PM
Guys, gals, techies.

First some background information.

I have a BTHH (bt home hub), basically its screwed due to the software its
running at the moment (6.2.6.e) and I cannot roll it back to previous
software versions as it has none and was shipped with this crap. I have
received little help from bt about this issue except that they have advised
me to run diagnosic software to find a fault on my network // phone line,
and I have to wait for an update to the BTHH router but until then its a
paper weight.

The problems are as follows::

1. It turns off sparodically approx~ ever 6 - 10 hours sometimes every 12.

2. When problem #1 arises, I lose internet / BB phone / and network ......
DEAD !! (except for a flashing orange light)

3. To overcome this issue and get everything back online, I have to power
off / power up the hub otherwise it sits flashing its orange light.

4. Port forwarding doesn't work.

My question is this::

I believe its possible to connect two routers together, one with DHCP server
set up and the other not. I have tried this but am getting nowhere fast and
just cant remember how to set the second one. I need to set my old router
as DHCP (with BB access) and piggyback the BTHH off of this so it can see
the internet and receive the update needed when BT get their proverbial
finger from up their backside.

My other issue is that the BTHH also needs to assign an ip address to the BB
phone (i believe, according to the manual). Is it possible to run DHCP on
the 2 routers but creat a dis-jointed network by using odd IP ranges?

Router 1 :
Router 2:

If I did this I think both of them could be DHCP enabled and I would then
need to tell the BTHH ( that the DNS server (or is it gateway) is ~ ~ ~ ~ wouldn't I ???? Its about the only thing I haven't
tried yet but thought I would ask before I took my network down for the next
hour or so.