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04-23-08, 12:55 PM
On Apr 23, 1:18*pm, Wyman G. <Wyman G...@discussions.microsoft.com>
> A friend is getting a new laptop with XP and wireless router and asked me to
> set it up wireless which I can do. *He will be shipping the laptop to his
> daughter in Atlanta. *My question is: *Can I still set up the SSID andthe
> run the router setup with everything left in tact when he ships it or does
> someone need to set it up there? *I guess my main concern is when I unplug
> the power from the router that it will reset back to factory condition and
> lose all the saved settings.
> Any information is appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Wy

You can set up the SSID, wireless channel, WPA key, router password
and network IP address range before sending to Atlanta. The only
setting that must be down in Atlanta is the set up for the Internet
service. If you know that the Internet service would be based on DHCP
(usually for cable TV style Internet service) you can set up this easy
anywhere else.