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04-12-08, 02:09 AM
I didn't download that utility, since based on what I saw on the web
page, I couldn't really understand what it was telling me. But, my
shutdown hangs up if I have the ethernet cable plugged in. But there's
no problem if I have the ethernet cable to the router unplugged and
I'm using wireless-g connection to the same router. So, I don't see
how it could be ongoing internet traffic since in both cases I'm still
hooked up to the internet.

Could it be some kind of addressing conflict between the wireless
connection and the wired connection? How would I check something like



On Mar 30, 12:59*pm, "Jack \(MVP-Networking\)."
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> Hi
> It might be an indication for an ongoing traffic.
> Before you decide to shut down run this free utility and see if your
> computer is involved in heavy Internet traffic.http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb897437.aspx
> Jack (MVP-Networking).
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> > Hello all:
> > I recently successfully set-up aLinksysWRT54g Wireless-G router with
> > 4-ethernet wired ports. Currently, I only have one computer, and when
> > it is in the office with the router, I have the ethernet wired
> > connection hooked up on the computer and the wireless connection is
> > also active (although I think I've learned that the wired connection
> > will become the "preferred" connection when both are present).
> > Everything is working great, with one exception. Ever since I
> > completed this set-up, my Dell Inspiron E1705 withVistahangs during
> >shutdown. The "Shutting Down" screen never goes off. This only occurs
> > if I have the Ethernet cable plugged into the computer when I shut
> > down. If I unplug the Ethernet cable prior toshutdown, everything
> > works fine. But, if Ishutdownwith the Ethernet cable plugged in
> > (whether or not the WiFi connection is active), it will hang and will
> > not continue even if I later disconnect the ethernet cable.
> > I never had thisshutdownproblem when I was directly connected to my
> > Comcast cable modem via ethernet. But, now that I'm going through the
> >Linksysrouter, I seem to have a problem.
> > FYI, I also have the McAfee security suite that Comcast provides
> > installed on the computer, in case that could be related (I always
> > suspect virus and firewall software for problems like this).
> > Can anyone point me in the right direction to debug this situation.
> > I'm not very literate in the ways of networks.
> > Thanks,
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