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04-11-08, 01:18 PM
On Apr 11, 8:59*am, Curt in Budapest
<CurtinBudap...@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote:
> Dell Ispiron 1420 - almost brand new. Vista Home. A collegue from another
> office brings it to me.
> It cannot see my wireless network! (It can't see it in her office either)
> (I verify that it is on, check all the settings - It can't see a thing.)
> Cable network connection works perfectly.
> I bring it to my computer dealer - same thing. He thinks setting are fine.
> I do Dell connect over the internet - Yes Dell says, it is fine.
> Obviously a hardware problem - right? . . . Sigh.
> My desktop computer (asus m2n32-sli deluxe) also has wireless. (Vista Prof..)
> It worked perfectly. *Well, until I had to re-install it.
> Now it doesn't matter how many times I load the driver - it cannot see the
> wireless network.
> Two computers - exact same symptoms. And a hardware problem is very doubtfull.
> (Last fall I also had wireless issues on two computers- no ip address that
> time)
> My bets are on Vista or Vista Update. Or some needle in a haystack setting..
> Help me Vista people - you are my only hope.

I seem to recall that there was info on the web stating that Vista may
have problems accessing routers. Several routers were not directly
compatible with Vista. Some offered firmware updates and some other
info stated a work-around to make Vista work, Not sure if this was
wired or wireless routers in general.