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04-11-08, 10:59 AM
"Curt in Budapest" <CurtinBudapest@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in
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> Dell Ispiron 1420 - almost brand new. Vista Home. A collegue from another
> office brings it to me.
> It cannot see my wireless network! (It can't see it in her office either)
> (I verify that it is on, check all the settings - It can't see a thing.)
> Cable network connection works perfectly.
> I bring it to my computer dealer - same thing. He thinks setting are fine.
> I do Dell connect over the internet - Yes Dell says, it is fine.
> Obviously a hardware problem - right? . . . Sigh.
> My desktop computer (asus m2n32-sli deluxe) also has wireless. (Vista
> Prof.)
> It worked perfectly. Well, until I had to re-install it.
> Now it doesn't matter how many times I load the driver - it cannot see the
> wireless network.
> Two computers - exact same symptoms. And a hardware problem is very
> doubtfull.
> (Last fall I also had wireless issues on two computers- no ip address that
> time)
> My bets are on Vista or Vista Update. Or some needle in a haystack
> setting.
> Help me Vista people - you are my only hope.

Can I suggest you make life easy for yourself. Drop vista ...... re-install
windows xp, its more user friendly.