View Full Version : Network connection over a Netgear Access Point Bridge

04-10-08, 11:40 PM
We have two Netgear WG602 Access Points, Bridged, to span our network across
a parking lot into a building where a single PC resides.

When the PC is turned on, we originally had it set to Manual Assigned IP,
but it would not function until we repaired the connection.

We have since changed it to Auto, and have forced an IP to this PC from the
router using a MAC table. Thinking that when the PC would gets its IP, it
would function. We still need to repair the connection before it will work.

Although it is a two second operation, repairing the connection is the only
way we seem to bridge the gap. Once the connection is repaired, we can
access network resources and the internet until the PC is shut down.

Looking for an explanation of why we would need to repair the connection for

I am happy to provide any additional details needed to troubleshoot this

Thanks in advance for any replies and insight.