View Full Version : Re: Wireless adaptor disconnecting at night - how to batch the"repair" option?

Jamie Furlong
04-10-08, 09:48 AM
smlunatick wrote:

> Have you considered setting up a scheduled XP "reboot" shortly after
> the wireless adapter disappeared. There are numerous examples of
> scheduling a reboot.

Ah, interesting. I didn't realise you could have something act as a
result of something else. I thought scheduling just mean "at 4am, do
this" or "at x interval, do that".

This is new to me - so, how does it work? Does it watch for an event in
eventvwr, then when it sees "the wireless adaptor has disconnected", it
would then do the "repair" option automatically? Sounds like a solution.

Hmmm, now I think of it, would it be possible to batch up a command that
would ping something every minute, and when the destination was
unreachable, it would do the repair?

All the above still leaves me with the problem that the sequence of
events detailed in repair don't seem to actually disable then re-enable
the wireless adaptor in the same way that acutally clicking "repair" does.