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04-06-08, 01:42 PM
I've had some success filtering out specific websites by setting an "Access
Restriction" policy but, in order to do this, I have to arrange my hardware
in a way that is undesirable !

I'm using :-
Orange Livebox (Inventel)
and Linksys WAG354G

Livebox obviously has some telephony features (hardware?), in it. ...i.e.
it goes "click" shortly after it has got itself up and running and after it
has logged in to Orange ISP BB, ...and after the "click" - VOIP telephony is
also up and running), so after lots of trial and error, it seems that is has
to stay in place as the "front router" for VOIP to remain functional.

Livebox is the "front" adsl modem/router with the adsl line fed into it, and
wireless switched off. One rj45 lead from Livebox to WAG354G, and three
rj45's go from WAG354G - off to PC's in this "outside the house" office.
Linksys, (as I understand it), is acting as a "dumb router," DHCP in it is
switched off, and wireless is switched on.
With this configuration, "Access Restriction," policy, by keyword, set in
the WAG354G, does not work, and the PC is the house, (with a WMP54G pci
wireless G card in it), is able to surf to web sites that should be blocked
by the restriction policy set in the WAG354G ?

As a test, I disconnected the Livebox completely - removing it from the
"set-up" completely, then connected my adsl signal into the WAG354G |
switched on DHCP in it, and the "Access Restriction" policy works. i.e. PC
in the house with the WMP54G pci card in it, cannot access the web sites
containing the keywords set in the "Access Restriction" policy - in the
WAG354G, ...if you see what I mean.

....why is there never a simple was of asking a question about all this stuff
? !!

....any idea as to why the Livebox seems to be able to pass internet "around"
the "Access Restriction" policy set in the WAG354G whilst it is acting as a
"dumb router" ?


regards, Richard