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01-18-09, 12:01 AM
Comcast Throttling Is Back?

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009
by Matt Hartley

While I am not really one to put a ton of credence with the first
article stating that a company may be doing something that is going to
gain a lot of bad press, but after seeing that Comcast is indeed
throttling traffic again from PC World, The Inquirer, and IT World, I
think it is safe to say that more than ever - Comcast using Geeks are
about done with this nonsense.

They way I see it, considering the rates the customer is being raked
over the coals for anyway, attacking usage numbers that do not fit
into their little world to me illustrates just how “broken copper
truly is” for a means of providing high speed Internet to their
customers. Yes kids, fiber my eye. Comcast does not provide fiber to
your door and bundle this with an already overtaxed network we begin
to see this sort of bandwidth throttling.

To be totally fair, considering how badly the network is in need of
some serious CPR to actually accommodate the today’s user, this
throttling might be unavoidable. Speaking for myself, I remain
unconcerned about it. I use FiOS and my bandwidth remains true
all-day-long. Will FiOS one day face something like this as well?
Sure, 10 or 15 years from now perhaps. For now though, I am just glad
I do not pay the same rates for half the service I need.