View Full Version : new install can't see router

11-14-08, 03:44 AM
Win XP Home

Router: Pipecall VOIP adsl router

I have decided to do a complete re-install of Win Xp on my pc. Rather
than using the existing hard disk, I bought a new one, so I could
still work if the new install took a long time.

My existing setup, with the "original" disk with win xp installed
works perfectly apart from it's slowing down (hence the fresh

I have installed Win XP home on the new disk and it boots OK but IE
cannot see my router at all. the IP address is 192.168.1.nnn. I can
access the router and internet fine if I reconnect the existing hard

With the new disk, ping will not find the router either.

Am I missing something basic here?

Any help much appreciated.