View Full Version : Strange home networking glitch

10-19-08, 07:16 AM
Hi group :)

I have a standard home network setup. A D-Link 635 cable router with a
wired PC and Mac Mini plus some additional wireless devices.

About a week ago - I tried running an Astaro Gateway of an old Dell PC
- got it all up and running but after awhile, the Mac seemed to get
sluggish for browsing as in, pages wouldn't load or only half load, so
I decided to remove the Astaro gateway setup and go back to the
standard Router/Network setup.

Now here is my problem: The Mac Mini is still awful for web surfing
meaning pages don't load ... sometimes the header loads then the page
just halts it's awful.

Now the PC works fine, even XP running in Parralles ON the Mac Mini
works fine. If I remove the router though and have the cable modem
going straight into the Mac Mini THAT works fine, so somewhere the
router is giving the Mac Mini an affected connection.

I have reset the router to factory defaults, trying switching to a new
network ie. instead of but still it's just the
Mac that wont surf.

Any starting ideas on what I could check??