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02-10-00, 03:44 PM
Ok. Someone with higher knowledge please spare some on me. I have an emachine 400id and no clue if it can be overclocked. I have looked and either can't find or don't have bus speed jumpers. If you have done it yourself or know how it's done on this particular model and motherboard(whatever kind it has) please, oh please, share!

02-13-00, 12:51 AM
Doesn't anybody know??

02-13-00, 03:09 PM
1) what processor you got in there?
2) If you cant find the jumpers, goto your BIOS and see if you can do it through there (jumperless)
3) make sure u have good memory PC100 or **PC133** and a good amount.

Tell me and I will help u on what to do !

Also check this site out (specially the CPU databe of overcloked cpus) http://www.overclockers.com

02-13-00, 09:49 PM
That e-machine has a 400 celeron. The MB is built for PC66 ram but it will support PC100 sticks. PNY Brand. Comes stock w/ 32MB PC66 SDRAM. If you OC then definately get more ram first. And free up system resources by removing all the "xtras" emachines installs like the update program & online services etc. Disable all uneeded startup items in recpective programs or thru msconfig-startup tab. That'll speed up the box considerably.

Got my wife a 433 e-box for xmas & added another 64 ram & doubled it's speed.

02-13-00, 10:00 PM
First of all, I appreciate the replies. Here's more details of what I got:
400 celeron
192...yes...192 ram
voodoo3 2000
I got it tweak to hell as far as startup and soforth

It isn't jumperless so I can't do it through the bios. The jumpers that I think should be the ones aren't there! It appears they were removed. That is why I am looking for someone that perhaps have done it to the 400id before. Any suggestions?? Thanks in advance!