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02-10-00, 08:41 AM
What do you think is the best graphics card for 3d games?

02-10-00, 01:49 PM
uh oh...

02-11-00, 12:19 PM
I have a Diamond TNT2 with 32meg. I usually wait and get the $100 to $150 video card that is out. That way I usually have 3 or 4 months to see what works best with the games I play. I do sorta miss the 3dfx but right now this card handles everything great and no problems.

02-11-00, 11:21 PM
Well, I waited and no wars over this have started... from what I have heard from other people around this board, the Geforce DDR boards are the best for 3d gaming. If you want the "swiss army knife" of the 3d graphics boards, then go with the Voodoo 3 3500 TV. You might want to wait until later in the year until the voodoo 4 and 5 boards come out. The problem with the Voodoo 3 3500TV is that it only renders in 16bit, not 32. Basically; if you want the best 3d gaming fps, rendering, etc go with the geforce ddr. If you want to be able to watch tv, do video editing, and record video onto your computer, then go with the voodoo 3 3500TV. If you want something better than everything out, then wait until the next generation chips come out. Remember though, there are always going to be next generation chips coming out, you just have to find the right time to buy the right card. good luck.


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02-12-00, 10:32 PM
Jobby, you might as well ask an athist which god is real, my advice is look at all progi's that you have and want and tally up the chipset info and for example if 3dfx is the CS most mentioned you've got your answer, myself DVD playback & video editing was impotrant to me but 3dfx was the CS in most of my games and this is what I did ATI all in wonder pro for DVD, video & OpenGL in my AGP slot & 2 Voodoo 2 cards to get SLI mode for 3dfx, granted the V2 cards are slower as far as the #s go but in SLI your eyes can't see the difference and my frame rate which I tested with winbench 99 get's me between 49 to 68 fps with a K6-III 400 Overclocked to 451Mhz. List your priorities and go shopping! L8r

02-13-00, 04:42 PM
This depends on your budget of course. The fastest card on the market right now is the GeForce, but it is very expensive. I personally have a v3 3500 and am very happy with it. This is also a very expensive card because of the tv features but you can get the v3 3000 which is roughly the same for games but about half the cost. The v3 3000 goes for about $175 in Canada where I live , I dont know what the hell that is in England. Another option for you and probably what I would do is wait a couple months for the new line of 3dfx cards coming out. They will probably be the same price or less than the GeForce cards and offer faster performance.