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02-08-00, 04:25 AM
I want to Build a AMD Athlon 700+mhz but want some suggestions. .... Got ANY? (Video, Hardware, Multimedia, Etc) http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/confused.gif

I Use It For Gaming, Browsing, FTP and a few other things..your 2 cents is appreciated http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/eek.gif


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02-08-00, 04:51 AM
MicroSoft Intellimouse Explorer.. best mouse I ever owned http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

02-08-00, 04:53 AM

I'm assuming you mean like whut I said and not hardware for you system.. but in that case the K7M from ASUS is good.

02-08-00, 03:02 PM
I suggest you wait a while because AMD is starting to switch all their CPUs to 0.18 micron die which will decrease heat 'n decrease voltage 'n decrease production costz which should make them cheaper. The L2 cache is also going to be intergrated onto the die soon, changing the Althon into a socket, again, making it cheaper. Also, the new KX133 chipset from VIA is promising, with AGP 4x, fast writes, PC133 Ram support, etc, check out their review at www.tomshardware.com (http://www.tomshardware.com,) remember, they are reviewing a beta board so the retail version will be faster.

The Althon is a brand new design so its a good idea to wait 'n let them develop new hardware to accompany the new design. The memory bandwidth is a limiting factor for the Althon cuz of the 200Mhz bus, but only 100Mhz ram on the K7M. But then of course, if you got the dough 'n you can't wait, itz your money http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

Don't believe all the hype about the GeForce and the hardware TnL. Itz just a hype, thatz all, yes there are certain benefitz, but not worth the price.

The VooDoo3 rulez when it comes to games that are based on the Quake engine because of an MiniGL driver called WickedGL, check it out at www.wicked3d.com. (http://www.wicked3d.com.) It can give you an 50% increase in fps AND make the game look better too. I know because I use it, i'm getting 61.6fps in Q3 demo001 @ high quality @ 1024x768 with a VD3 2000 PCI overclocked to 190Mhz on a Celeron 581.

I would suggest you wait for the VooDoo4 and 5 that are comming out in March, they look very promising.

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02-08-00, 03:07 PM
Hey man- Athlon 700; good choice! Check out the whole string of posts from when I was in the process of biulding my puter.


02-08-00, 07:18 PM
If you are really going to be into gaming, then check out the mice here: www.razerzone.com (http://www.razerzone.com)

p.s. I don't have any affiliation with this company, just a suggestion. SAY NO TO SPAM!


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02-12-00, 07:58 AM
Tiger gave you most of the facts but with the ninjamicros cpu addon you can buy a 550 and OC it upwards to 800 using standard cooling. Soundblaster live value works great,ATI for OpenGL and DVD all in one package, and for 3dfx I prefer 2 Voodoo 2 cards in SLI mode over a Voodoo 3 card.

02-13-00, 08:38 PM
If you got the money.

Spare no expense on a monitor.

02-15-00, 12:59 PM
Make sure you buy a fast hard drive. SCSI is the best, but if you're going IDE, get something that is ATA66 and 7200RPM. I have an IBM drive that I absolutely love. They have the best track record for reliability and performance. As far as video cards go, I have a GEForce card and think it's great. There is always the threat of something better coming out, but that's just the way it is. You'll wait forever, for the "best" card to come out. Technology changes weekly. I have the ASUS 6600 Deluxe and am very happy with it. It's great for games, great for DVD decoding, and it has a video input for capturing and video-conferencing. I think that's hard to beat. They have both SDR and DDR versions of this card.

Darph Bobo
02-18-00, 09:22 PM
And don't forget GOOD memory. I stick with Micron PC-133. A cool place to shop is http://step-thermodynamics.com. They will sell you a guranteed overclockable processor (with their fan on it of course.) and then you can buy memory from them at their cost. Right now the Micron PC-133 128MB DIMMS are 93 bucks.

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Darph Bobo
02-18-00, 09:25 PM
just to give you an idea....the Athlon 600, overclocked to 800, is only 461.00...

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02-20-00, 10:40 PM

Good suggestions....

However I have a GeForce on a 400MHz PII and I get 1600 x 1200 at 60 to 70 fps Q3 (the actual game) depending on the rendering depth.... This board SCREAMS!!
Don't me wrong, I love 3dfx products. I can't wait to see what the next Voodoo series has to offer. The cool thing about the computer hobby is that better things always come to those who wait.

But who wants to wait?? <snicker>