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02-07-00, 06:45 AM
Can anyone please help? I want to o/c my cel 333 but have been told the multiplier is locked to 5 as I feel trying to run at 500 mhz is a bit high (i'e only 66 or 100mhz Mobo)
Is there any way to unlock this?
Thanx Rick

Darph Bobo
02-07-00, 07:33 AM
unfortunately no.....it's pretty much all or none if your MoBo can only handle 66 or 100.

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02-08-00, 02:29 PM
Will it run at 500mhz ? Has anyone tried it?

02-12-00, 10:54 PM
Jobby, You won't destroy the processor tring but I'm anti-intel ever sence the PII BS way back when. You've got 2 outcomes it will or it won't run, if it does then you determine if it runs stable for 3 to 5 days continusly running 24/7 ifits good its good. Remember cooling is very important! I can't stress enough that airflow across the heatsink is the most important, I'm not saying remove the heatsink fan, let me put it this way I run 4 fans not including the one for the pwr supply./Good Luck! L8r

02-13-00, 09:03 AM
On my celeron, i have done (well, can do) one of 2 things. Either cover pin b21 of the processor, or (and i've tried both) cover a jumper on the slocket. (yeah, i have a ppga chip on a slocket fitting into a slot 1 board. Hey, it works and damn well in UltraHLE!)
Also, is this localized to only slockets? nope, had me a p2 processing brick (cpu) and did the same, covered pin b21, and clocked it at 100mhz.
Putting a clock multiplier limiter is as easy as disabling a pin on the cpu, however, making a bus speed limiter, thats near impossible. Think of it, you'd need a clock pulse to compare the natural buss speed to. the only place you'd get that is from the existing clock pulse (the one you'd overclock)... you can make an off chip pulse generator, but that'd be just an easy resolder and it'd be broken.
anyhow.. .i've said my fill. http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif
so overclocking them chips IS possible..
make a search for:
p2 pin b21

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02-13-00, 09:09 AM
Thanks for your reply,How can I find out which is the correct pin?

02-13-00, 09:12 AM
Almost forgot to say, I'm comming from celeron 333 all the way to 450mhz. and that's with the existing fan that came with it... no other extra fans, except the voodoo3 fan i had to put on myself. (some dont come with them!! crazy eh?)

However when i clock at 500mhz, i need an extra fan, and i turn the air conditioner down a bit.
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