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Post them up!

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SSC Aero
Said to currently be the fastest production car in the world, 257mph.

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Is that the new car Ruff is making The One?

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And for those that more classic lines

sorry about the size




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2004 Koenigsegg CCR

The Swedish Koenigsegg supercar is the second most powerful series-produced car today.
Horsepower: 806 bhp @ 6900 rpm




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1981 DeLorean
DMC 12








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In the mid-80's...the popular Renault "LeCar" was a common little vehicle.

Renault made an insane version of it called the "R5 Turbo"
The LeCar was front engine, they moved it to mid-engine for the R5. Designed for Rally racing, they made street legal versions...several versions starting at 160hp...going up past 400.

Even the base R5 models could do 0-60 in the mid 6's....and it only got faster from there. By todays standards, nothing to raise an eyebrow at, but back in the early 80's...there were insane little cars.


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The GMC Typhoon was a high-performance version of the GMC Jimmy SUV. Produced in 1992 and 1993, the Typhoon was based on the 1991 GMC Jimmy SUV.

Both the GMC Syclone and Typhoon (SyTy) trucks featured a Mitsubishi TD06-17C/8cm2 turbocharger and Garrett Water/Air intercooler attached to a 4.3 L LB4 V6 engine with forged pistons, main caps, head gaskets, intake manifolds, fuel system, exhaust manifolds, and a 48mm twin-bore throttle body from the 5.7 L GM Small-Block engine. All SyTy's had a GM 700R4 transmission (4L60) 4-speed automatic transmission and a BorgWarner 1372(Syclone)/4472(Typhoon) transfer case splitting torque with 35% forward and 65% to the rear wheels. Both trucks featured all-wheel drive, upgraded brakes, and sport modifications to the standard suspensions. Unlike the Syclone, the Typhoon featured an air-operated self-leveling rear suspension. Output was officially 280 hp (209 kW) and 360 ft·lbf (488 N·m), but some stock Typhoons have been measured at over 300 hp (224 kW) on a dynamometer.

The Typhoon was capable of accelerating from 0-60 mph in 5.3 seconds and could do a quarter-mile run in 14.1 seconds at 95 mph (153 km/h). Car and Driver was impressed, comparing the Syclone's performance favorably to the Ferrari 348ts, Chevrolet Corvette, and Nissan 300ZX Turbo.

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One of my first (and still to this day) favorites...
The Cobra 427.

Back in the '60s...the Cobra 289 could do 0-60 in the mid 3s. It could also do 0-100 and back to 0 in under 10 seconds. Quite a feat at that time considering tire technology of the '60s.



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In the mid-80's...the popular Renault "LeCar" was a common little vehicle.

Renault made an insane version of it called the "R5 Turbo"
The LeCar was front engine, they moved it to mid-engine for the R5. Designed for Rally racing, they made street legal versions...several versions starting at 160hp...going up past 400.

Even the base R5 models could do 0-60 in the mid 6's....and it only got faster from there. By todays standards, nothing to raise an eyebrow at, but back in the early 80's...there were insane little cars.

One of my favorite cars. If I win the lotto, it will surely be in my stable.

Maybe I will buy a ticket today;)

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One of my first (and still to this day) favorites...
The Cobra 427.

Back in the '60s...the Cobra 289 could do 0-60 in the mid 3s. It could also do 0-100 and back to 0 in under 10 seconds. Quite a feat at that time considering tire technology of the '60s.


there is one of those in the TF Green airport. its from a kit tho

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My step-father had one of these ugly beasts.

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lambo SUV?

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lambo SUV?


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^ classic!



The Reventon finally has a home


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Check out this, looks like the atom in a way





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The One...that Alfa Romeo GTV Sprint Veloce...the red car #32...that's what I learned to drive in when I was 12.

A few pics below it..the blue BMW 3.0CSi....spent quite a bit of my teens year in one.

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The One...that Alfa Romeo GTV Sprint Veloce...the red car #32...that's what I learned to drive in when I was 12.

A few pics below it..the blue BMW 3.0CSi....spent quite a bit of my teens year in one.

How did you like the Csi? I am fascinated by it, I love the way they look. I would love to own a 2002tii


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How did you like the Csi? I am fascinated by it, I love the way they look. I would love to own a 2002tii

Fast....and great looking ...very "Bertone" looking lines on the body.

Growing up, some neighbors/good friends of our family that lived a few houses down from us, one of their sons collected and restored older BMWs and Porches. (a German family). A few 2002's also. His 3.0 was gorgeous....silver body, if I recall..he rebuilt the engine with 3x double barrel Weber carbs down the top. That CSi model remains one of my all time favorite BMW models. I've spent a lot of time in 2002's and 2002tiis too.

In college, one of my best friends had a 2002tii. At that time, I had an imported Ford of Germany Capri...2.8 V-6 w/Getrag 4 spd. I had it quite modded, US emissions stripped off, headers flowing to true dual exhaust with monza tips, lowered suspension, widened Keystone mags. He and I lived near each other, came home from college on weekends, and drove back to college Sundays nights at midnight...usually a 1 hour 15 minute drive by average speeds. But we would frequently race up to school Sunday nights flat out....often accomplishing the trip in about 30 minutes. A couple of years of that, and averaging sustained speeds around 110-115...dunno how we lived or managed to never get pulled over.

There's just something about German engines, and Italian engines...once you've experienced them...there is no equal to the sporting car enthusiast.

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Beautiful collection of cars, i appreaciate it.

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"Can someone imagine a vehicle that at 110 mph is twice as efficient as a high-tech diesel compact car? Or another that achieves 280 mph with just 50% throttle? What if one could have both with the same vehicle? Well, it is possible. With the Acabion!

Horse-drawn carriages could be named 'the first generation of individual vehicles' and cars as 'the second generation'. According to this context the Acabion paves the way for a third generation of individual human mobility.

A new way of thinking is expressed by the Acabion. It combines the best of different traditional approaches. Additionally it integrates certain sophisticated aeronautic and bionic concepts. This way it excels in both at the same time. The Acabion achieves more than the efficiency of a high-tech diesel compact car and the dynamics of even the most power*ful super*cars.

With the Acabion, automotive values are newly defined. The new standard means slim instead of wide. It means light instead of heavy. It means truly bionic and streamlined instead of bulky. Most of all it means to be fundamentally innovative throughout the entire concept, instead of following isolated trends just in isolated aspects.

So how does the Acabion solve traditional contradictions? It is light AND secure. It is slim AND comfortable. It is useful AND beautiful. It is tremendously effective AND extremely fast. A total weight of 359 kg combined with an engine power of 360 hp enables the Acabion to exceed 1000 hp per ton of vehicle-weight. It achieves an electronically limited 280 mph with just 50% of its engine power, accelerating from 180 mph to 280 mph in approximately 10 seconds, which is impossible even for Formula 1 cars. Even with such a performance it consumes 5 to 10 times less fuel than a state of the art two-seater supercar. More than this, cruising at a constant speed, e.g. 120 mph, it is so efficient that it even consumes half the amount of fuel than a 2006 high-tech diesel compact-car. Tailor-made versions of the Acabion can be provided anything up to 700 hp, and a range of internal fittings. All those types are even more dynamic but not less efficient.

The Acabion is a vehicle with a passenger-compartment for two adults. Its security is based on the concept of Formula 1 race-cars. On top of that the passengers are additionally protected with inno*vative passenger-shells.

Each Acabion is a masterpiece of German car design and manufacturing competence, based on most reliable Japanese as well as US-American components, combined with Swiss quality and precision. All Acabions will be equiped with an additional electric drive for zero-emission operation on short distances like on private terrain, in car park areas or central urban regions. A computer network is on board for the passengers, providing a high-tech modular structure and storage capacity in a multi-terrabyte region. All Acabions are conceptually prepared, even for a future, fully-automated, individual traffic-guidance-system.

The Acabion is the mobile trendsetter of the 21st century. This trend means: the environment and the global natural resources are much better protected for our children and for their children, too. Plus, for all generations to come, everyone can be mobile in an almost unlimited way. The Acabion com*bines this environment-protecting, comfortable and extended mobility with a never known sensation of both dynamics and efficiency.

Further Details

We will start production in April 2006. And we will deliver to the USA too. No better country for cruising around in an Acabion. This is not depending on speed.

Production time per unit is about 2 years: One man builds one Acabion. The producer is an airplane builder. The Acabion is the Gerald Genta of future road traffic.

We have hundreds of unique and very special features to offer in the unique Acabion. Just a very few samples:

A) You decide the precise shape of your Acabion: Length, width, and height will be adjusted to your feeling of perfect proportions and dynamics. The Acabion shown in Geneva ist the smallest possible version in terms of width and height. It has 1/3 projected area of a small car.

B) The Acabion is to come with a computer cockpit, a fast ethernet computer-network with 3 terrabyte capacity plus fast WLAN and internet access (UMTS in Europe).

C) The Acabion provides an ultimately precise and brilliant Syrincs Oxygen Soundsystem 2 times Dolby 5.1 digital for driver and copilot separately, a sound system developed exclusively for Acabion. There is one huge acoustical advantage of the Acabions cockpit towards any car: It is symmetric. And we make a full use out of this advantage. The GTBO 36 System represents a value of about 100.000 Euro.

D) Engine with US dragster components. 300 modifications to serial Hayabusa.

E) All parts of body and interiour from Carbon / Kevlar and handmade, in accordance to high airplane quality standards.

F) Seats in accordance to the Acabion patent: Protection for the complete passengers' body is like inside a helmet.

G) Fail-safe structure with ultralight steelframe and carbon monocoque.

H) Perfect maintainability: The body is completely disassemblable. 350 torx screws take the static and dynamic forces. The engine is acousticaly isolated from the cockpit. It has a seperate steelframe and can be disassembled for inspection by removing just three (massive) bolts.

I) The Acabion can drive as a cabriolet: Pilots hood can be fixed between winglets.

J) Electric drive for backward movement, also capable of moving the Acabion foreward at 30 mph and for about 10 miles distance. (Strategy in behind: Avoiding engine coldstarts).

This list could be continued for hours.

An Acabion will always be absolute individually and tailormade for customer-needs. Quality is handmande swiss precision, throughout the complete vehicle on a level as the most sophisticated swiss mechanical watches. Price GTBO 36 starts at 540.000 Euro. A complete individual toolset (carbon forms interiour and exteriour ...) for any later parts supply is included.

For later years from 2012 onwards we plan a second brand with a different name and concept. Aluminium-body standardized streamliners will then be produced like todays cars. Power around 150 hp. Prices around 60.000 Euro then. Anyhow the Acabion will for all times stay the ''Genta'' of future road traffic. It will stay extremely rare and extremely capable. Production volume will never exceed just a handful of Acabion in a year.

Source - Acabion"

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Today, Aptera (Greek for “Wingless Flight”) officially unveiled two vehicles that could change the future of automotive design. Aptera’s Typ-1 is a radically different vehicle designed to marry advanced aerodynamics with light-weight composite technology creating an incredibly powerful, yet extremely safe vehicle that is a joy to drive - even for the most performance-minded individuals. The Aptera Typ-1 will be available in all-electric and hybrid models for less than $30,000 (£15,000), the electric version slated for delivery in 2008 with the hybrid model to follow. The all-electric model has a range of 120 miles. The plug-in series hybrid has achieved more than 300 miles per gallon with a range of more than 600 miles. Both versions are loaded with safety features.

Through extensive fluid dynamics modelling and materials engineering, the Aptera team has created the most efficient, lowest-drag shape that can surround two occupants side-by-side, and has made safety a priority in the design. Additionally, the car features three wheels, making it eligible for most carpool lanes, even with only one person in the vehicle.

The car has “two plus one” seating offering ample room for driver and passenger while an infant seat (for newborns to age three) can be located in the middle behind them. Storage room is also generous with enough space to fit 15 bags of groceries, two full-size golf club bags or even a couple of seven foot surf boards with the infant seat removed.

The Aptera Typ-1 is loaded with safety features. They include a front crumple zone, a front end that re-directs crash energy in a frontal impact, steel and composite side and rollover protection as well as driver and passenger side airbags.

The Aptera Typ-1 is available in two models:

All Electric – This model is powered exclusively with batteries and will get someone around town for approximately 120 miles depending on driving conditions. At night, simply plug the Aptera into any standard 110-volt outlet, and in just a few hours, the vehicle will be fully charged and ready for another 120 miles.

Plug-In Hybrid – The Aptera hybrid is powered by an electric drive train but is also assisted by a fuel-efficient gasoline-powered generator, which stretches the range considerably. In typical driving, the hybrid Aptera may achieve over 300 miles per gallon, a range far beyond any other passenger vehicle available today.

The Aptera Typ-1 also offers features that typically are not found on any vehicle, much less a hybrid or all-electric model. Solar cells embedded under the roof operate an always-on climate control system, ensuring the interior never gets too hot or too cold. The dashboard display and infotainment system is controlled by an in-vehicle computer, which also controls the “Eyes Forward” vision system. By replacing the side mirrors with embedded cameras that display a 180-degree rear view in the front of the instrument panel, Eyes Forward gives the driver complete situational awareness without taking their eyes off of the road.

“Initial response has been tremendous; validating our belief that future-minded consumers want a vehicle that is sleek, safe, eco-conscious and affordable. Through word-of-mouth alone, we’ve already received more than 400 pre-sale deposits,” added Fambro. Aptera is currently raising additional capital to begin manufacturing.

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This is a 1938 car by the way



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All your shorey links aren't working for me.

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All your shorey links aren't working for me.


How about now?

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I like the look of the last one from de Plano.

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How about now?


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All these are from manufacturers we have all heard of, too bad we have never seen any of them

AMC (makers of the Gremlin and Pacer)


The conservative Bentley company (better than a Rolls, but still somewhat stodgey (usually))








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Some English cars








I'll post some more English cars next time. MG, Morris, the old three wheeler Morgan, Triumph, Austin Healey, and if anyone has any other English manufacturers I'll post them up if you tell me the name. I already have the Bentley and Noble in other posts , but I might put them up again if I find some good pics of other models

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Lotus Esprit concept 2007

New Lotus Evora

Morgan from 1939

I guess there is a Ford Fiesta I would not mind driving
(Yeah I know it is not English)

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I found this wallpaper ages ago. I know its an aston martin, but i dont know what model? Does anyone know what model it is or what brand body kit it has on it? Or even what rims are on it? Thanks http://i845.photobucket.com/albums/ab14/sero1234/hd_33.jpg

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I found this wallpaper ages ago. I know its an aston martin, but i dont know what model? Does anyone know what model it is

Vanquish/DBS. Custom body kit 'n rims.

12-02-09, 06:36 PM
Actually its the Vantage with a body kit.

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Circa 1987, the Buick GNX was GM's fastest production sedan ever and remains among Detroit's quickest and most collectible vehicles of all time. It was created to commemorate the final production run of the Buick Grand National. It's a little bolder in appearance and it has considerable mechanical improvements. 1987 was the only production year and 547 were made, all optioned identically with a serialized plaque on the dash

In a collaboration between Buick and ASC/McLaren, Grand Nationals were assembled at the Buick assembly line and brought to ASC for the conversion. The 547 were allocated to dealerships based on their previous sales. The word was out that the GNX was even faster than the Grand National so dealerships enjoyed marking them up well above their sticker price of $29,290. Some famous customers were Burt Reynolds, Reggie Jackson, and Charles Schwab.

Since everyone knew the GNX was a collector car, a sizeable share were purchased on speculation. Many are still "on the lam" in garages across the country with almost no miles on them. Others were treated like any daily driver, built into track cars, or even wrecked. No idea how many are left, but you probably won't encounter one outside a car show.





remember is not a Grand ational, is a Buick Grand National GNX