View Full Version : Really, really wierd

02-05-00, 08:54 PM
I have one old computer with windows 95 on it. I have another computer with windows 98se on it. turns out that while one computer thinks the disk is formatted, the other doesn't. And while the other thinks it is, then the other one doesn't. It is like they have two different formats for each os. but that couldn't be the fact here, could it?

02-05-00, 11:05 PM
Unless its Win95 OSR2 then your win95 puter is FAT16 and the Win98SE is FAT32

02-06-00, 05:35 PM
The win98se is fat 32 and the other win 98 is also fat 32. they aren't working together! also, when i go into microsoft word, and try to open the a drive, it says " you do not have access to folder a:\, see your administrator for access." could this have anything to do with my comp. being set up as a network computer rather than a desktop?

02-06-00, 05:42 PM
gimmie more info such as all the computers you have and how they are networked and what os they have and what exactly you are trying to do...

02-06-00, 07:45 PM
My good comp. isn't networked to anything, that is why I am having second thoughts about ms word telling me i need to see my administrator for access to the a drive.