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02-04-00, 08:34 PM
Is there any way to tell what size/type the memory is just by looking at it? I can tell the differences between simms and dimms and those little 4 megs because those are obvious. But how can you tell if a simm is 8 mb, 16 mb or 32 mb, and edo or fastpage, and etc.? I heard that you can count something on the memory itself, but is that true?

As for dimms, how can a person tell its speed and size?

Is there a way to get those kinds information just by LOOKING at it?

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02-04-00, 08:36 PM
yeah...somebody answer that for him. Of course I already know....I just want to see if anyone else does... (yeah, yeah....that's the ticket!!)

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02-04-00, 10:33 PM
Really all you can do is guess. Count the number of memory chips on the DIMM and x4, x8, or x16. The sticker on most dimms might also give you a clue.

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02-05-00, 12:52 AM
Ok first of all this has been moved to the Computer Hardware forum

Well one for sure way is to place it in a pc and see what it reads it as :P

there are memory testers you can get that will test ram and tell how much it is

Look for a sticker, or markings on it, numbers and letters on the chips themselves tell alot

Like if it says -10ns it's PC-100 SDRAM, if it says -7.5ns it's PC-133 SDRAM etc. etc.

Count the chips

If you find out what brand it is you can go to their website most of the time and type in the number and see what type of mem that is

02-07-00, 10:22 AM
Go here:


For a table format that might help you.


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02-25-00, 01:34 PM
I don't want to push another site, but you can't beat the information here: