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02-05-00, 12:49 AM
Good or bad?

Thinkin about getting this for my K6-2-450

02-05-00, 03:58 AM
I am using the P5A-B with my P200MMX. Mobo is rock solid so far. Allows me to use a V3 3000 AGP and PC100 RAM [384MB] http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/biggrin.gif Not overly abundant with the expansion slots, but I still have 2 PCI slots left.

02-05-00, 03:53 PM
hehe.. why bother with the 3000 AGP with a P200? your not even using a 1/4 of the power that card can put out.. buy a K6-2 450 or something for $40 (US or about $100 CND for a OEM)

02-05-00, 05:22 PM
I don't use my P200MMX for gaming, obviously not enough CPU power. But for what i use if for, it is rock solid. And the V3 3000 was cheaper and better desktop visuals then my P2-450 with G200 16MB / V2-12MB SLI. A K6-2 450 is not the best gaming CPU either, but I will probably get around to dropping one in. Should work fine for my requirements http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/cool.gif Cheers!

02-08-00, 01:51 AM
I bought this.. pretty good?


now I just gotta buy my P5A and I'm set.. http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

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02-08-00, 08:04 AM
looks nice but only 230watts...seesh... I would have expected at least 300 for a case that big... I have that same motherboard and chip and they run great just be sure to get the board drivers from www.ali.com.tw (http://www.ali.com.tw) instead of the asus web page thier a little outdated.


02-08-00, 02:35 PM
Hey Fixxer - I am using the same case with my P2-450. I changed out the PS for a 300 Watt unit. Plenty of room for expansion and fans [I have 6 fans]. Only drawback with the Inwin 500 is it weighs a ton once you have it built up http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/cool.gif

02-08-00, 04:33 PM
yeah, I wish it had a 250w ps but it should be alright for now.. Its only going to have a cd-rom and a extra hdd in it anyway because I'm going to leave my burner in my 233. If I filled up all the bays and put like 6 scsi hdds in there I'd imagine I'd be getting pretty close to 230w tho

02-12-00, 04:03 AM
got my case today and was pleasently suprised that it was a Inwin Q500N instead of the Inwin Q500A... N is the newer version http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif