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02-01-00, 06:15 PM

I'm fairly new to overclocking, so please bare with me.

First my specs:
PIII 600B (133Mhz)
Abit VA6
Diamond V770 Ultra
128MB PC133
IBM 20.5GB 72k ATA/66
1 extra 80mm case intake fan

630mhz via 140(1/4)*4.5

Looking closely at the CPU assembly (and my original Intel H/S and fan) I noticed you can see the CPU pcb and a large chip from above. I managed to place Abit's thermal couple between the corner of this chip and the heatsink.

1. Is this chip the actual processor?

2. Will this placement give me an accurate cpu temp?

3. What's a consevative max temp for this CPU?


02-06-00, 12:48 AM
The P3 600B is a slot1 coppermine so that big chip in the middle is the actual CPU BUT, the "slug" of coppermines (part where the CPU makez physical contact with HS) is really small compared to a celeron or K6, so you won't be able to get a thermal probe deep enuff to reach the slug to take an accurate measurement. The best way is to rip open the casing, and put the thermal probe on the other side of the CPU. But of course this will void your warrenty.

Since the coppermine is a 0.18 micron die chip, at normal speed it should be running at around 28 degrees C or so, depending on ambient temp and HS, it can tolerate a lot more of course, and I suggest you run it at the max speed you can that is stable, not worrying about the CPU temp because CPUz these days are designed to last 10 years, even if you overclock it 'n raise the voltage, you can probably get at least 5 years out of the CPU, by then the CPU would be totally obsolete and it'll be in the garbage anywayz.

02-06-00, 05:57 PM
Are you sure 600B is Cu-Mine? Cause don't the B just mean 133Mhz FSB? And if it has an "E" that means Cu-Mine so it would be 600EB right?

I get confused on all those E's and B's now hahahah

02-13-00, 02:14 PM
E is cupermine
B is 133MHz