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02-01-00, 01:39 AM
I have an older computer, a gateway 2000, p5-120.
It has a 120 mhrtz processor.
I want to get a new mother board...I know squat about the motherboards...
Will someone please tell me what is the best mother board to get? I would like a 300-500mhrtz processor.

The higher the speed the better the access, the better the access the lower the ping, the lower the ping, the bigger the smile!!

02-04-00, 03:19 PM
In general, I have always had good luck with Asus boards. Intel boards are good but expensive. The "best" motherboard is a very subjective question. Some people would argue that the "best" mobo's are the ones that can support several processors. I personally don't think so because most applications/games have no support for multiprocessor machines.

General guidelines when selecting a motherboard:

1) How many slots does it have (i.e. PCI, ISA, AGP) <-Don't buy a board that can't support all of your old ISA equipment. Don't buy a board that has only a few PCI slots. This will limit your scope of equipment when you go to purchase new cool stuff for your machine.

2) How much onboard cashe does it have? Most people over look this but if you buy a 500Mhz chip and stick it a board with 512K vs. sticking in a board with 1gig cashe, that 500Mhz will fly w/1gig of cashe.

3) How many memory slots does it have? What types? Most of the newer boards have done away with EDO(72pin) memory altogether. Your only option with these boards is SDRAM(168pin). Check how much memory the board will support. Don't get stuck with a board that won't meet your needs later on when you decide to upgrade the amt. of memory in it.

4) AGP slot speed. I think (not sure on this one) but the bulk of Athlon boards out currently do not support the 4x port. If your adding your old card that isn't agp this may not concern you, however, it might be wise to get a board with the 4x port for future considerations.

5) ATX boards only. Check to see your not getting screwed out a port. Does the board have USB ports? How many? Serial ports? How many? I noticed that on some models Dell is selling, they have used boards that no longer have the 9pin serial port. This is fine if your mouse is ps/2 or usb, however, if you like to use the palm pliot, you'll have to go grab an adapter or add a daughter board to the machine in order for it to work.

There's other stuff to look at like chipsets and crap like that, but, through my personal experience and as nice as the specs look, buying a board with x chipset vs. a board with y chipset and the board with x chipset is 50-75 bucks more expensive. Your not going to see 50-75 bucks worth of performance from that mobo. It's better to apply that cash to a board that has more slots and memory ports.

02-04-00, 04:47 PM
Thanks so much for taking the time to type all that out for me. That was nice! I will definitly take all of that into consideration when I buy my mobo.

The higher the speed the better the access, the better the access the lower the ping, the lower the ping, the bigger the smile!!

02-04-00, 09:50 PM
I would look into:

Soyo has in my opinion the best overclocking board (for the next 5 minutes anyway)

Soyo SY-6BA+ IV
Chipset: Intel BX, Highpoint HPT366
Bus Speeds: 66/75/78/81/83/90/95/100/105/110/112/113/115

Multipliers: 2.0x-8.0x
DIMM Slots: 4 (1 Gig of RAM !!!!)
PCI Slots: 5
ISA Slot: 2
AGP Slot:1 (x2 supported)
SB-Link: Yes

Very stable too.
good luck!

02-10-00, 06:16 PM
I have the Abit BE Rev 2. I can overclock but have trouble with the UDMA66 when I do. I just disable it and OC366 to 550 no problems