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01-31-00, 03:44 PM
hey everyone... i'm wondering why my Quantum CX 13GB drive won't support DMA .. ???
when i go into system settings and put a checkmark in the lil box for DMA and then i reboot ... i check again and there's no check mark... I currently have two drive Quantum 13Gb and a Samsung 4GB....the funny thing is the Samung 4GB support the DMA and has the check mark in the box and it's an old drive too.???
I use the program HD Tach it lists the Quantum as being a GENERIC IDE DISK TYPE46 and also the Samsung as a GENERIC IDE DISK TYPE46 too... I ran the test and Qauntum came out with a max read of 7 MB/s while the Samsung {with the check mark in system properties} came out 26+MB/s... and CPU unitilze was only 4%..
and the Quantum had a 96% http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/frown.gif
Any how i open up my comoputer and saw that only one main cable which connects both drives.. is this correct...??? the CD-Rom has cable of it's own... and also the floppy drive has a cable of its own...
So is there something wrong with my Quantum drive.. ??? should i stwich or something witht the cables to enable the DMA for the Quantum drive????
Please help
thanx ALL!!

01-31-00, 03:57 PM
make sure you're using the newest driverz for your IDE controller card and that DMA is enabled on your HD, check out Quantum'z website

01-31-00, 04:15 PM
Yes, I did enable DMA for both hard drive but when ever i put a check mark in the system properties for DMA and then reboot...my computer and check and the check mark is gone i read that this mean my Quantum doesn't support DMA???? it should rite???

01-31-00, 08:11 PM
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02-05-00, 07:00 PM
1. Are you using a 80-pin cable on your 1st IDE port ? Probably not, itīs not even necessary if you donīt go beyond UDMA/33, but several Quantum drives are reported to behave weird with a simple 40-pin cable, so buy a 80-pin cable (10$)

2. What type of controller are you using ? I suppose, itīs a on-board model, so if it is at least a HX or FX, it supports DMA-0/1 at least. The problem is, several older BIOS types only recognise DMA-0/1 and UDMA/33. The Quantum 13 Gig is a UDMA/66 model, thus not recognised by the old BIOS and handled as a PIO mode 4-drive.
Voilā! Get a new BIOS or set the drive manually to DMA/33 so the old BIOS recognises it. You can find a tool to accomplish this task at <A HREF="http://www.quantum.com
God" TARGET=_blank>www.quantum.com
God</A> luck!